16/10/2017 – 24/10/2017

The last week from the dev team! (16/10/2017 – 24/10/2017) 😊


  • Fixed “Orders File Import” Edit button on so it no longer bugs out.
  • Added Urgent Bikes to the system. Only works when sending within city centres.
  • Fixed the “How to” text when creating a new Kudos integration.
  • Fixed buggy looking “Latest Courier Updates” box in the > “Details” box.
  • Increased the character limit to allow from 20 to 25 characters to be printed on the standard Freightways label for the delivery reference. This means TradeMe auction references now fully print out.
  • Updated the User Inbox to not auto pop up if there are unread messages, display messages differently in the User Inbox page, and set messages as read if they have been rendered on the User Inbox page.
  • Fixed the broken pagination on and changed the way “Import Contacts” is displayed.
  • Allowed the creation of Freight Forward jobs without a senders email being entered if the user choses the “Print” and not the “Email” option.
  • Fixed the behaviour of the “Label Logo” section on


  • Fedex Reconciliation Changes:
    • When creating chargebacks, the charge to chargeback type mapping is now database driven.
    • Added sender/receiver details when manual charges are created for unknown charges.
    • System will now resolve MasterId and MasterShortcode when importing reconciliation file, this information is piped through to display next to site name.
  • Created 3 new labels for NZ Post, for rating codes TEXPRE, TEXPRE (USA) and TPASIA.


  • Added a failsafe to ensure users cannot delete all their Cost Centres.
  • now only shows the results table if the “Search” button has been clicked.
  • Added functionality were integrations will automatically sync between 3am to 4am (if the account has been used in the last 48 hours).
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